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  The Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers & Behaviour.
                                      Michael Shikashio.
                        Chirag Patel and Kay Lawrence 
                             Courses and Accreditation

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Dog Training 

Career as a Dog Trainer

4-day practical Instructor

Perfect Puppies

Loose lead walkers

The Exercises; Foundation to Advanced 




Behaviour Modification

Resource Guarding.

Abnormal Repetitive Behaviors in Dogs.

Dog to Human Aggression. 

Canine Aggression and Rehab.  

Separation Anxiety.  

Impulse control.

The Consultation and Follow-up Reporting.

Working with Noise Sensitivity and Phobias.

Adolescent dogs 

Michael Shikashio

Master course-Aggression in dogs 

Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel 7-day puppy instructor course


Kay Lawrence -Practical training skills

Uk Sniffer Dogs

Bronze Sniffer dog instructor


Reactive dog workshops hosted by Pet services 

Reactive rovers workshop hosted by paw by paw dog training.

Aggression in dogs conference  2021  



Understanding and Working With Canine Behaviour.

Level 3 Open College Network Accreditation

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