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Training success for you and your dog 

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I’m a professional dog trainer based in Southampton and I offer one-to-one dog training sessions, group dog training classes and behaviour modification to ensure the relationship between you and your dog is the very best it can be.

I've spent a lifetime surrounded by animals and have a particular passion for dogs and for helping those in the most desperate of circumstances.  As a qualified chef, I travelled widely during my career and encountered dogs around the world living very different lives to those in the UK. These experiences consolidated my desire to be involved in rescue and rehabilitation and, as the Assistant Head Trainer for ARC (Animal Rescue and Care Vietnam), I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work directly with the neglected and abused dogs of Ho Chi Minh City whilst simultaneously running my own private dog training business.

The two roles complemented each other perfectly. The intensive exposure to the issues and training needs of both rescue and pet dogs in Ho Chi Minh City helped me develop a deep understanding of both the animals and the relationships with their owners. At the same time, I learnt how to run a rescue shelter, how to evaluate the temperament and personality of each new case as they arrived and worked closely with the vets at Saigon Pet Clinic on their rehabilitation. I dealt with medication, food preparation and dietary needs and provided training in dog body language, basic commands and loose lead walking for our volunteer dog walkers. Along the way, I adopted two wonderful Vietnamese rescue dogs myself – Spotty and Brina.  Both needed rehab and Spotty's behaviour modification programme is continuing now that we’re back in the UK.

Home: Welcome
Rescue Puppy


Dog behaviour consultations, therapy and support 

My role as a canine behaviourist is to advise and support you in correcting your dog's inappropriate behaviour. Whether you're struggling with your rescue dog's anxiety, and aggression, fear or excessive barking issue or your new puppy is simply finding it hard to settle when you're not there, I can help. 

I'm based in Southampton and cover the Hampshire region and can work with you on a one-to-one basis to understand why you and your dog are experiencing these challenges and create a modification plan that will help you both overcome them. These are some examples of typical dog behavioural issues:


  • Aggression/reactivity

  • Fear-based behaviours/anxiety

  • Resource guarding 

  • lead reactivity

The consultation process

I'll invite you to take part in a free 15-minute telephone consultation session so we can discuss your dog's needs and get to know each other. You can book this easily using the contact details below. 

The next step is to plan a full in-house consultation to create and help determine the level of support your dog needs and begin the therapy programme.  We'll go through a series of control and management strategies during the consultation and discover your dog’s behaviour baseline without going over their threshold. Following our consultation, I'll produce a training plan and therapy report for your dog and we can then begin the rehabilitation process.

I offer a range of dog behavioural support packages that are tailored to suit your dog's exact needs – I'll talk you through these options as part of your consultation. My service includes an agreed number of sessions each month, regularly updated training plans, online check-ins and telephone support. If you find you need more sessions, top-ups or add-on services, we can organise that too.​



  • Consultation (90 minutes): £90

  • 4-session foundation course: £360

  • 8 sessions: £540



Effective, rewarding training for you and your dog

My one-to-one training sessions are tailored to suit the exact needs of you and your dog. You'll always achieve the best success if your dog enjoys their training sessions so we base their training around both you and your dog having fun and enjoying every minute. These sessions are great if you want to focus on specific areas of your dog's behaviour and will benefit dogs that are nervous or reactive in group situations.

Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes – the first will help me get a full history of your dog and discuss what you want to achieve at length and then we'll get practical. I'll observe and report on existing behaviour and support you with a tailored training programme to help rectify any issues we identify.  Training sessions can be booked in blocks or on a one-off basis.

One-to-one dog training can help you with a wide range of issues, including the following:

  • Recall problems

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Toilet training

  • General obedience

  • Puppy training

  • Clicker training

  • Jumping up

  • Chewing


  • Consultation (90 minutes): £90

  • 4-session foundation course: £360

  • 8 sessions: £540

  • Loose-lead walking (2-day course): £150

  • Recall (2-day course): £150

  • Puppy training (5 weeks): £300




Puppy and dog training that's fun for everyone

Group classes are a fantastic way to get your training journey with your puppy or older dog off to a flying start with like-minded people. You and your dog will enjoy our relaxed, informal atmosphere with small class sizes for the best learning environment and to maximize individual attention. You and your canine companion will be learning fun games and training exercises that transfer to everyday life :

Here's what we'll teach you both:

  • We'll create a fantastic recall

  • We'll build an instant reflex to name

  • We'll encourage your dog to walk nicely on a loose lead

  • We'll teach emergency behaviors – such as an emergency stop

  • You'll learn calm handling techniques

  • We'll teach your dog to place  


  • Puppy training small-group course (6 weeks): £150

Group Classes
One-to-one dog training


 Fully insured and criminal record-checked 



Equipping you with the skills and confidence to get on track for a great life together

If you have a dog that’s scared of other dogs or interacting with them and is making it difficult for you to cope in tricky situations, we can help. Our Reactive Dog Training classes are run by experts in dog behaviour and we know how to equip you with the skills and confidence you need to resolve the problem and get you on track for a great life together.


Here’s how we do it:

  • Small classes that are tailored to the needs of each dog – we won’t introduce your dog to others until they’re absolutely ready

  • Our courses last six weeks and they’ll include theory sessions and practical instruction so you’ll learn why your dog is reacting to certain situations

  • Two instructors to support your training in a safe, friendly environment

  • Practical exercises that are tailored to overcoming your dog’s triggers

  • All the advice and support you need – we’re just a phone call away!


Our Reactive Dog Training classes will teach you how to handle your dog confidently and to recognise the triggers that can affect your dog’s response when you’re out together. You’ll have a greater understanding of your dog, your dog will be happy and relaxed and your relationship will thrive.


  • One-to-one consultation (90 minutes): £90

  • 4-session foundation course: £360

  • 8 sessions: £540


To book your place at a Reactive Dog Training class, please click to contact me.

Reactive Dog Training
UK Sniffer Dog



Bronze award training for dogs and owners in small groups

Great for beginners and novices, no experience required – join our scent workshops and enjoy the fun. It’s great for high-energy dogs, working dogs and dogs who like stimulating work, which will calm them down after an exciting session. 


  • Bronze award session 1: £75

  • Bronze award session 2: £75

  • Trials: £65


To book your place on a UK Sniffer Dog Scent Workshop, please click to contact me.


Brown Dogs


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