Training success for you and your dog 



I am a dog trainer based in Southampton, offering one- to- one training sessions, group classes,dog walking and behaviour modification to ensure the relationship between you and your dog is the best it can be.
I’ve been around animals most of my life and have always had a love for dogs and a particular passion for helping those in the most desperate of circumstances. As a qualified chef, I travelled widely during my career and encountered dogs around the world living very different lives to those in the UK. These experiences consolidated my desire to be involved in rescue and rehabilitation and, as the Assistant Head Trainer for ARC (Animal Rescue and Care Vietnam), I was lucky to have the opportunity to work directly with the neglected and abused dogs of Ho Chi Minh City whilst simultaneously running my own private dog training business.
The two roles went well together. The intensive exposure to the issues and training needs of both rescue and pet dogs in Ho Chi Minh City led me to develop a deep understanding of the animals and what their owners go through with them. At the same time,I learned the ins and out of running a rescue shelter,evaluating the temperament and personality of each new case as they arrived,working closely with the vets at Saigon Pet Clinic on their rehabilitation,dealing with medication,food preparation and dietary needs, and providing training in dog body language, basic commands and loose lead walking for our volunteer dog walkers.As well as this,I adopted two Vietnamese rescue dogs myself; Spotty and Brina. Both needed rehab, and Spotty is still undergoing a behavior modification programme now that we’re back in the UK.


 Fully insured and criminal record checked 


Time for Your Pet

Pet Behaviour Consultations and ongoing support 

Ongoing pet behaviour therapy and owner support

My role as a canine behaviourist is to advise and support you in reducing your pet’s inappropriate behaviours.

I am Southampton based but cover the whole of Hampshire (20 miles radius from Shirley further distances will incur extra travel fees)


Consulting  on  behaviours including:


  • Abnormal repetitive behaviours

  • Aggression/reactivity

  • Fear-based behaviours/anxiety

  • Resource guarding 

  • Phobias

  • Noise sensitivity

  • Separation anxiety

Your free consultation session

I invite you to have a free 30-minute phone session where we discuss your dog’s needs and a chance for you to get to know me. It’s simple to book by following the contact details below.


The consultation process

We start by doing a consultation which offers an overview in which we can create and help determine the level of support your dog needs and start the therapy programme. I work only on a veterinary referral for behavioural issues which is a simple form for you to sign including the vet’s details and confirmation of a recent medical check-up or booking before our session.

Details of your consultation:

  • 30-minute pre-assessment call and 

  • Preparation and liaising with your vet

  • 90 minute to two hours f in-house consultation

  • Training plans and therapy report 5 days after our consultation

In the consultation, we will go through some control and management strategies, find out your dog’s baseline, without intentionally making it go over its threshold and will start to begin the rehabilitation process.

I only take on new clients who show commitment to receive ongoing support via my unique programme; one-off sessions rarely will help your dog in the long-term. Some cases, you will require additional in-person coaching sessions to achieve measurable results.


The initial consultation costs £90.00


With all my consultations I offer support packages

Each package offers a level of support catered to your dog’s needs. We will discuss the options in your initial consultation.

Premium support

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • Two sessions per month

  • 60 minutes per session

  • Stooge dogs/additional handlers if required

  • minimum of 1 months sign up

  • Updated training plans

  • Regular online check-ins and telephone support

   cost £230    

Anxious dog support

Shorter but more frequent support sessions to get the best results with your anxious/nervous dog

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • One session per week

  • 45 minutes per session

  • Stooge dogs/additional handlers if required

  • minimum of 1 month sign up

  • Updated training plans

  • Regular online check-ins and telephone support

     cost £205.00


Advanced support

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • One session per week

  • 90 minutes per session

  • Stooge dogs/additional handlers if required

  • Minimum of 1 month sign up

  • Updated training plans

  • Regular online check-ins and telephone support

     cost £280.00

Top-ups and add-ons 

You may feel you need extra in-person coaching sessions. I am always happy to add extra sessions to your plan

















One to One Training
Training success for you and your dog

My one to one training sessions is tailored to suit the exact needs and requirements of you and your dog. You will always achieve better success if your dog enjoys the training session we will base the training  around you and your dog having fun

They’re ideal if you want to focus and achieve a brilliant success in specific areas of your dog’s behaviour and also benefit dogs that are nervous or reactive in a group scenario. Sessions may be booked on a ‘one-off’ basis or in a block.

Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes, during which I will initially obtain a full history and discuss your requirements at length before we get practical as soon as possible.

I’ll observe and report on existing behaviour and support you with a tailored training programme to improve on issues highlighted.

One to One Training can be designed to help you with any of the below:-

  • Recall problems

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Toilet training

  • General obedience

  • Puppy foundation session

  • Clicker training

  • Jumping up

  • Chewing

Comprehensive phone/email support is available until the follow-up session

Price for a 90 min one to one session £70.00



Accommodating your lifestyle



Our dog walks are set up with the needs of busy people in mind. Those who would like the best for their dogs on a daily, weekly or hourly basis. 


We understand that no two dogs are the same and not all people want the same for their dogs.

Our goal is to return to you a tired, fit and happy dog every time you use our service.

We feel that by offering different walking services, you can make the choice of what you feel your dog's needs are. You may pick and choose what is most convenient, the choice is yours and your dog will love you for it. 


The Circle Walker  £12.00

This walk is suitable for any dog -the fit the not so fit seniors and puppies too. 

Your dog will be walked on or off the lead on a circular walk for approximately one hour. We will use walks like this to mentally stimulate your dog's senses so they are stimulated not just physically but more importantly mentally.





Training that is fun for everyone


Puppy classes are held every Thursday at 6pm

Adolescence classes are held every Thursday at 7pm  

Group classes are a fantastic way to get your training journey with your puppy or beginner/rescue dog off to a flying start! With like-minded people.

There is a very relaxed, informal atmosphere with small class sizes to ensure learning and maximise individual attention.

You and your canine companion will be learning fun games and training exercises that transfer to everyday life :

increase focus on you 

Create a fantastic recall

Build an instant reflex to name

Encourage walking nicely on a loose lead

 Teach emergency behaviours – such as an emergency stop

Learn calm handling techniques

Teach  to place  

Dog training classes are held at

Romsey Paw Park

Shelley Rd

Shelley Oak Farm


SO51 6AS


To book your place at a Group Class, please contact Ian Harris Dog Training.

  I look forward to hearing from you.